In January 2021, my doctor wanted to start me on medication to lower my cholesterol. In the midst of a pandemic for almost a year at that time, I convinced my doctor to allow me some time to work on my cholesterol levels with diet and exercise.  Because of the pandemic, I wasn’t sleeping well and eating more junk food than I should have been eating and the biggest culprit was potato chips…my favorite!  You can’t eat just one…I’m sure you can relate.  So, my doctor agreed and gave me approximately 4 months to work on lowering my cholesterol.  So, I started researching and learned what I needed to do to lower my cholesterol which included implementing better eating habits and engaging in regular exercise.  About this time, I started virtual exercise training with Alex Knowles of AIR3 and he was an answer to prayer.  

Because of the pandemic, I wasn’t able to go to the gym and historically I didn’t do well when left to exercise on my own.  In addition to being my personal trainer, Alex has helped me to fine tune my eating habits so that I eat enough and eat as healthy as possible. He makes himself available to review food ingredients and nutritional information to ensure that I make the best choices when it comes to what I am feeding my body. I am cooking more and modifying recipes to make sure I eat foods that don’t raise my cholesterol levels.  Having Alex as a personal trainer and nutritional adviser has been very instrumental in helping me reach my goal. Since I began training with Alex and changing my eating habits, not only has my cholesterol levels decreased by 100 points (putting me in a normal range) thank God, but I have also lost 20 pounds over the past 9 months.  I feel better than I have in a long time! In addition, I also suffered with acid reflux.  Changing my eating habits to lower my cholesterol also led to a decrease in acid reflux symptoms. Now, I have no cholesterol or acid reflux medications! Thank You Lord!  

I am 59 years young and getting stronger each and every day!  Thank you so much Alex for your dedication and commitment to health and wellness and your genuine care and concern for people!!!

Sharlene J.
Powder Springs, Georgia

This was my first time working with a personal trainer because of an ongoing knee injury and Alex is great!  He is timely, respectful of your time, and flexible. He helped me to reduce my weight by 30 lbs. and I went down from pants and dress size 28 to size 24 within 6 months.  He offered meal planning, and excellent tools for food choices and challenged my true desire and accountability for my goals. I like how Alex would challenge me to try different exercises to increase my strength and maximize my weight loss. He would demonstrate the exercise and target the whole body. The best part is that he didn’t beat me up about gaining those 3 lbs. but he would definitely make me think about the cost of eating a cookie the next time. I may have to do an extra set of something or extended time in an exercise but overall good. 

Tenise Y.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Words cannot express the amount of gratitude that I have for AIR3. I am a mom of 3 kids, well over 200 pounds, and completely hopeless because I didn’t want to risk the safety of my family by going into a gym due to COVID. Alex came right on time and provided me with the confidence and support that I could lose weight and get back on track. What is really mind-blowing is that we did it all virtually, from the comfort of my own home, and without having to purchase expensive equipment. The flexibility and support provided are unmatched. Now I’m down 30 pounds and feel and look better than ever. If the program can work for me, it can truly work for anyone!!

Nicole M.
Sanford, North Carolina

Alex changed my life. His genuine nature drew something out of me I never knew I had. He pushed me to my very limits, and never gave up! With his help and guidance, I eat healthier, work out regularly, and discovered the Me that I’ve been looking for!

Freda W.
Charlotte, North Carolina

I want to thank you for the inspiration regarding healthier life choices. In about 10 months I have lost 30 lbs. by making healthier choices and smaller portions. I have also been doing a lot more walking – mostly to great fishing spots off the beaten path (LOL). I used to eat until I was FULL. nearly bloated. Now I eat until I am no longer hungry.  I also eat LESS white foods (rice, bread, fries, etc.). I couldn’t have done it without your inspiration. Thanks for being a great role model for healthy living. I have gone from a waist of size 42 (and approaching 44) down to a size 38. I feel BETTER and some say I look better!!  LOL!  I sleep better and have a lot more energy during the day. So again, my friend thanks for what you do. It makes a difference in people’s lives and for that you deserve major props.

Rick D.
Charlotte, North Carolina

I started my fitness journey in 2013. Alex has been my personal trainer for over a year. I was returning to exercise after a running injury. I am not overweight but definitely had some personal fitness goals geared towards running. I knew it order to be a better and injury-free runner, I needed to incorporate strength training and strengthen my core.  My fitness goals were to build strength and endurance, lose weight, and of course run stronger and faster. 

What I like about my workouts with Alex are that they are personalized to my goals and different each session. He challenges me even when I don’t want to be….lol.  

I am pleased with my results.  He was very instrumental in me losing over 27 pounds 5 years ago. With his training, I am now able to run 4 miles non-stop and lift heavier.  My biggest accomplishment is being able to plank for over 2 minutes.

He also encourages and cheers me on. He came to support me at a 5K race. My time was 34:35. This has been my best time since training with him and returning from injury.

Alex is the best!

Anna B.
Charlotte, North Carolina

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